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XXL Paintings

Artist Statement: XXL Art Series


Sometimes we forget how small we humans truly are. Our mountainous egos lead us astray like will-o-wisps, robbing our thoughts and feelings of their purity with destructive, sweeping societal influence. After exploring Zen Buddhism, existentialism, Taoism, and yoga, I’ve realized that peace comes from within, ascertained not just by thought, but also dietary health. It is a discipline of self-fulfillment. I build the frames, stretch the canvases, carve and paint the works myself in homage to the human-born icons of the gods and daeva that know our every thought. Without judgment, without scorn, only through compassion may we awake to the peace of the present. My works help facilitate this serenity; although the scales may weigh you, they are the gods’ scales, and counterbalanced with empathy and understanding.

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