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Gaps and Cracks

Artist Statement: Gaps and Cracks Series


     The industry of man breeds devastation. Drills and explosives obliterate the native order of rock and mineral, leaving in their wake only ruin. It is from this ruin I draw inspiration. There’s beauty in scarred rock, exaltation to be found deep beneath the surface of the earth.

     I come from a pocket of northeastern Pennsylvania once famous for its mines. As progress advanced, coal fell out of favor. These desolate caves and quarries still stand sentinel, like tombstones in the woods where I spent my youth.

     This series turns away from mainstream superficiality, exploring a more visceral, organic inner beauty. In some instances I caricature the vapid acceptance of “costly as beautiful” by mimicking the natural glamour of gemstones with Styrofoam, aerosol paints, epoxies and plastic crystals. This set is part sculpture, part painting, and part diorama; it’s an attempt at true creation, a something-from-nothing conjuring that had, until now, been reserved for the gods.







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